Giorgi Arziani

Research Fellow on Education Policy


Giorgi Arziani is an education administration specialist with more than 6 years of experience in education and project management.

Giorgi Arziani works in the Education and Science Committee of the Parliament of Georgia. He is responsible for the legislative process, preparation of analytical documents and supervising the committee's activities, as well as the process of conducting research and analysis. The main aspects of his practice include working on policy documents, assessing the impact of proposed changes, raising the awareness of stakeholders about the projects to be implemented, ensuring transparency and efficiency of the review process, ensuring dialogue between decision-makers and representatives of non-governmental, sectoral and international organizations, cooperation with donor organizations in order to implement joint projects. 

In the Parliament of Georgia, Giorgi Arziani has participated in the implementation process of supervisory tools such as thematic research, assessment of the impact of regulation as well as monitoring of execution of acts adopted by the Parliament. He represents the Parliament of Georgia in interdepartmental working groups and participates in developing various policy documents.

The main field of his professional interest is general education, in particular, the development of digital competencies of teachers, the development of effective mechanisms for eliminating learning losses, and the use of modern technological achievements in providing equal access to high-quality education for all children. In addition, he pursues professional educational programs to comply with the socio-economic characteristics and needs of the region.

Giorgi holds a master's degree in education administration from Ilia State University. He earned his Bachelor's degree in International Relations at Free University of Tbilisi.