Shota Gulbani

Research Fellow on Economic Policy

+995 32 2555755


Shota Gulbani is an economic researcher with 9 years of experience. His research interests include financial markets, macroeconomics, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. 

His professional career began in 2012 at the non-governmental organization Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen, where he held various positions, including the executive director position. 

Throughout different stages in his career, the media space was an active engagement for him, including printing and Internet economic publishing, as well as television business programs. 

He is a member of the board of the Tbilisi State University Center of Analysis and Forecasting, a research organization. His responsibilities include the preparation of analytical reports on both local economic processes and current issues in the global economy.

Shota Gulbani holds a master's degree in international business management from the Caucasus International University and is a PhD candidate at the same university. Presently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in Big Data & Business Intelligence in Barcelona, Spain at the European Institute of Senior Management.