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Baqar Palavandishvili

Deputy Chairman

Baqar Palavandishvili is a Deputy Chair and the chief legal officer at Geocase. Also, he is a practising lawyer with 10-years’ experience at MKD Law, the Tbilisi-based law firm. 

His practice spans a wide variety of fields in law, including contract, corporate, labor, immigration, but he is mostly concentrated on competition law, international taxation and personal data protection. In 2018, he was named as the Next Generation Lawyer by Legal 500 (Contract, Corporate and M&A 2018).  

Baqar Palavandishvili holds a bachelor of laws degree from Caucasus University, and a master of business administration degree from Free University Tbilisi. He has been studying English law at the University of Chester (UK) and completed a master thesis research program in international commercial law at the University of Seville (Spain).

Mr Palavandishvili was the executive director of Advertiser’s Association of Georgia, representing the interests of the organization with various stakeholders in the private and public sectors.  He also served as the lecturer of public international law and international law on treaties at Caucasus University, School of Law and School of Governance. 

He is the author of and contributor to a number of publications including such periodicals as Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, Data Guidance, Georgia Today and others on the topics of competition, personal data and more. 

Apart from the law, Baqar is interested in industrial organization, strategic management, EU policy in Georgia and related matters. 

Geopolitics and EU Competition Law

25 Feb 2020
On February 4, 2020 the Ministers of Economy of Germany, France, Italy and Poland published a letter addressed to European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager. The signatories stated that due to developments in global competition it was necessary to reform...
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Georgia’s Investment Strategy

8 Oct 2020
  The growth acceleration and structural transformation have become major topics of interest as a result of economic shutdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. The expectations that the global supply chains would be immediately disrupted and the manufacturing would start rel...
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Georgia-Saudi Arabia Relations: Challenges and Untapped Potential

The joint paper between the Gulf Research Center (GRC) and Geocase focuses on areas of cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Georgia. This includes fields of proposed developments within the economic sector including tourism, deepening business and commerc...
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What Has Competition to Do with Inequality?

5 Jan 2023
1. Introduction Inequality has been one of the most debated issues. By far the leading explanations of inequality revolve around technological progress and globalization of trade (Alvaredo, et al., 2013), but these are not the only contributing factors. Recent empiri...
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Iran and Russia Are Closer Than Ever Before

6 Jan 2023
Emil Avdaliani's comments for Foreign Policy on how relations between Iran and Russia changed amid the war in Ukraine.   In the first two days of 2023, evidence of a newfound friendship between Russia and Iran was on full display across the war-battered cities...
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