Our mission

What are our aims?


- Providing the Georgian government and other stakeholders with the highest levels of expertise, transparent and independent analysis and clear policy recommendations.

- Increasing the sources of objective, unbiased information for Georgians and international partners.

- Strengthening and supporting Georgia’s ongoing democratic and economic transition through analytical work and private-public partnerships.

- Increasing public awareness and understanding of foreign and domestic policymaking. 




- A regular analysis of relevant information from regions of interest for Georgian foreign and domestic policymaking;

- A regular analysis of information on economic issues, cultural matters, migration, security and other important processes taking place in Georgia’s immediate neighborhood;

- A regular analysis of information on Georgia’s domestic policies;

- A regular analysis of information on ongoing processes within international organizations directly relevant to Georgian affairs (e.g. NATO, the EU, the EEU, the IMF, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, etc.);

- Establishing contacts with respected foreign research and analytical centers and providing them with unbiased information;

- Establishing an open and independent platform for discussions and conferences, inviting trusted speakers on different topics (trade & international policy, innovation & business growth, industry regulation & competition policy, etc.).