Essence of Economic Sanction: a Few Opinions Against the Backdrop of the War
Author: 26 Apr 2022
Not only with “word”    The ongoing war in Ukraine has firmly introduced a few words in our vernacular. One of them is “sanction.” In response to Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, renewed on 24 February, several waves of sanctions imposed by the collective...
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The Black Sea Factor: from Words to Deeds – Like Never Before
Author: 14 Apr 2022
The Black Sea factor has become a typical topic in talks about the geopolitics and security of our region in the past few years, which is perfectly understandable, needing no additional explanation as to why.   However, while the standard is to speak about the impor...
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Turkey Re-evaluates Its Position in the Wider Black Sea Region
12 Apr 2022
Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ankara’s foreign policy is set to undergo major changes. Being the most valuable ally the West has in the region, without Turkey’s support any Western strategy will fall short of achieving concrete results in stopping Russia in the...
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South Caucasus Shudder in the Shadow of Russia’s War
Author: 8 Apr 2022
Balancing is the most commonplace word in the South Caucasus. This is how the three states approach the war Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As the Russian invasion of Ukraine reverberates across the world, the South Caucasus region is especially susceptible to the da...
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Back to Normalcy: Azerbaijan’s Evolving Foreign Policy
Author: 31 Mar 2022
The past several years of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy were quite eventful. Its relations with the three big players, Iran, Turkey, and Russia, have been transformed changing many aspects of Baku’s position in the South Caucasus.   It has long been argued that the Se...
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China Struggles to Strike a Balance Amid Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Author: 24 Mar 2022
As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, China’s position has been thrust firmly into the spotlight. With the war dragging out longer than anticipated, Beijing finds itself only hemmed further into an increasingly difficult position.   However, more broadly, the w...
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