An Overview of Georgia’s 2020 Parliamentary Elections – Part 1
Author: 10 Sept 2020
Overwhelmed by completely extraordinary events, Georgia’s primary political drama of 2020 is approaching its culmination. The decree issued by President Zurabishvili on August 31 set the date of the next parliamentary elections for October 31 and officially kicked off t...
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Gender quotas: the worst mechanism for increasing women’s political participation except for all the others
Author: 16 July 2020
A few days ago, Georgia’s parliament approved a package of amendments to the Electoral Code, including mandatory gender quotas, whose goal is to gradually increase the number of female MPs. The relevant amendment states that political parties must nominate at least one...
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The Election System: Compromise in Georgia
Author: 9 July 2020
The fact that election years in Georgia are characterized by boundless political battles has unfortunately become an integral part of the country's political culture. When Georgia gained its independence, political elite emerged from a society imbued with the idea o...
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Why Georgia Needs Fast Regional Train?!
Author: 11 Mar 2020
The ongoing development of digital technologies triggers constant changes in the pace of life, mobility and economic activities. With the increasing speed of daily life, travel speeds must also increase to keep up. Some countries look to bullet trains and mega project...
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Thus Spoke the OSCE ODIHR – or What Does the Legal Review Say?
Author: 17 Feb 2020
2020 has arrived and Georgia is moving towards a regular election phase. The election campaign season is looming and yet there is no consensus on the election system. Political parties have been engaged in endless political battles, instead of being focused on designing...
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