Ani Shanidze

Junior Research Fellow


Ani Shanidze is a junior research fellow at Geocase. 

In 2020, she graduated from Caucasus University and received a Bachelor's degree in Diplomacy and International relations. Main areas of her interest include Georgia's integration into NATO and the European Union; Hybrid warfare, especially cyberspace; Geopolitics of the South Caucasus and the Black Sea Region. 

Since 2017 Ani has been a member of the Institute of Peace Studies (IPS). During this period, she participated in numerous conferences and events. Also, she is the winner of a student action project and co-author of the winner paper for the Caucasus University School Conference, ‘Cyberterrorism: ISIS Attacks and the International Response’. She worked as an intern at the Georgian National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. 

Recently, Ani Shanidze has been a volunteer speaker on the project "More Europe in the Mountains" and now she is a trainer/speaker in the project "Europe more opportunities". 

Ani speaks Georgian, English, and Russian. She is currently studying French and Korean languages.