Nikoloz Khatiashvili Participated in International Conferences Held in Brussels

Nikoloz Khatiashvili, the foreign policy research fellow and international secretary at Geocase has participated in the international EU disinformation conference organized by EU DisinfoLAB as well as in the round table held by the International Republican Institute (IRI) in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation dedicated to the impact of Russian disinformation in the current war and crisis in Ukraine. 

During the events, the main focus was on Russian disinformation as a threat to the entire of Europe. Also, some new approaches how to effectively combat Russian disinformation were discussed.

During his visit to Brussels, Nikoloz Khatiashvili met with Vera Yurova, the Vice-President of the European Commission, representatives of the European Parliament and research organizations, including the International Republican Institute (IRI), the German Marshall Fund (GMF), the Center for Democratic Studies, the Atlantic Council, the European Policy Center, Bellingcat and other organizations. The main discussion topics of the meetings were the current war in Ukraine, the problematic situation in the Georgian territories occupied by Russia, the role of the Black Sea security in the European security agenda, Georgia's foreign policy priorities, Georgia's role in the energy security of the European Union, NATO-Georgia and Georgia-EU relations, etc.

"During the meetings, we mainly discussed security challenges. I focused on the pressing issues facing our country. It is important that the leading European think tanks pay special attention to our region and current processes. They believe that, in light of the current challenges, when Russia is the main threat to Europe, the current geopolitical reality is being reviewed and a new security architecture is being formed where the Black Sea and the South Caucasus region will have a crucial role", said Nikoloz Khatiashvili