Georgia-Baltic Ongoing Dialogue (Project Description)

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, an exemplary cooperation has been established between Georgia and the Baltic States, which was determined by common interests, historical aspects and challenges. Despite the successful linkages, there are several key areas where relations can be further strengthened at both academic and governmental levels.

The main objective of the Georgian-Baltic Ongoing Dialogue is to create an efficient discussion platform with the involvement of the academic and other interested circles of the participating countries where it will be possible to deepen cooperation around areas of common interest, develop unified approaches to the current challenges, strengthen bilateral and multilateral ties and generate new ideas on a wide scale through engagement.

Within the framework of the dialogue, topical discussions will be held on such issues as the security of the Black Sea and Baltic region, the development of transport corridors, the new architecture of European security, the role of Georgia in European energy security, issues of environmental protection and climate change, economic and trade cooperation, and others. In the context of the dialogue, it will be possible to hold high-level meetings with the involvement of decision-makers from the executive and legislative structures of the participating countries, which will contribute to the efficient implementation of the recommendations developed within the scope of the dialogue.

In order to share the experience of integration of the Baltic countries into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures, meetings of relevant working groups will be arranged, where the parties will share the best practices with Georgia, thus the Georgian side will develop recommendations and deliver them to the government representatives.

The work of the Georgian-Baltic Ongoing Dialogue will be ensured by the leading think tanks of Latvia and Georgia - "Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO)" and "Geocase". Within the framework of the dialogue, meetings and discussions of various formats both in-person and online will be held – including possibly high-representation meetings. As a result of the mentioned platform, relevant reports and recommendations will be regularly prepared and delivered to all stakeholders.

The project will facilitate bringing the academic and public circles of Georgia and the Baltic countries closer together. Consequently, the project will have a positive impact on the strengthening of bilateral relations of Georgia with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and will substantiate the issues important for Georgia in the Baltic region.