Geocase Hosted a Webinar on South African Experience of Transition from Apartheid to Democracy
20 Jan 2022
Geocase hosted a webinar on ‘South African Experience of Transition from Apartheid to Democracy: achievements, ongoing challenges and lessons to learn for global community’ conducted by the distinguished guest Mr Roelf Meyer, Founding Director of South African organizat...
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Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – Amidst Russia’s military buildup along Ukraine’s border, the U.S.-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership has to be amended to counter Russian aggression
30 Dec 2021
Interpressnews discussed the results of the meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Riga, Biden-Putin online meeting and Russia’s dangerous actions with Prof. Dr. Khatuna Burkadze, Director of American and Euro-Atlantic Studies at Geocase, an alumna of the Fletc...
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A sum up meeting of the alumni network was held at Geocase
28 Dec 2021
The Geocase Alumni Network held an annual meeting. During the online meeting, the alumni shared their views on the current and completed projects as well as on the future plans with Mr. Victor Kipiani, the Chairman, and the other team members of Geocase. Upon succes...
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Giorgi Abashishvili joins Geocase
27 Dec 2021
We are pleased to announce that Mr Giorgi Abashishvili, the former Head of Administration and Economic Advisor of the President of Georgia, joins Geocase as a Non-resident Research Fellow on economic policy. Since November 2021, Mr Abashishvili has been the Head of...
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Nikoloz Khatiashvili, Foreign Policy Non-Resident Research Fellow at Geocase, comments on U.S. Department of State’s Country Reports on Terrorism  
17 Dec 2021
Nikoloz Khatiashvili, a Non-Resident Foreign Policy Research Fellow at the analytical organization Geocase, assesses a Country Reports on Terrorism released by the U.S. Department of State. As he mentions, the report highlights all the challenges and threats of the...
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A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Geocase and a British think tank The Council on Geostrategy
16 Dec 2021
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Geocase and a London-based think tank The Council on Geostrategy ‘dedicated to making the United Kingdom, as well as other free and open nations, more united, stronger and greener’. The document was signed by Mr Victor...
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Geocase Hosts the Participants of the Transatlantic Security Initiative (TSI) by International Republican Institute (IRI)
15 Dec 2021
On December 15, 2021, Geocase hosted the participants of the International Republican Institute (IRI) program - the Transatlantic Security Initiative (TSI).  The Geocase chairman Victor Kipiani, and the non-resident fellow Nikoloz Khatiashvili met with the guests.  ...
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Victor Kipiani, the Chairman of Geocase, delivers a lecture within 'The South Caucasus in a Wider Black Sea Regional Security Context Course'
10 Dec 2021
The Geocase Chairman Victor Kipiani was invited to deliver a lecture during the international course entitled “The South Caucasus in a Wider Black Sea Regional Security Context” coordinated and organized by Defence Institution Building School (DIBS). The aim of the...
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Geocase’s Nikoloz Khatiashvili joins the Warsaw Security Forum Democracy Network – New Regional Pro-Democracy Initiative
8 Dec 2021
Mr Nikoloz Khatiashvili a non-resident Foreign Policy Research Fellow at Geocase has joined The Warsaw Security Forum Democracy Network, initiated by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation.  The Warsaw Security Forum Democracy Network will be a platform for Central and Eas...
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