Geocase Organizes the Online Discussion on the 4-year Dynamics of the US-Georgia  Strategic Partnership

On the 11th of December 2020, Geocase organized an online discussion on the 4-year dynamics of the US-Georgia strategic partnership.

The online discussion was moderated by Victor Kipiani, Chairman of Geocase. Victor Kipiani emphasized the importance of the Georgian-US relations, the strategic partnership between the United States and Georgia in light of political, economic and security domains of our country.

‘The viability of our country, the prospects for its state development largely depend on the Georgian-US relations,’ said Victor Kipiani.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to the United States of America David Bakradze analyzed the dynamics of the four-year strategic partnership between the United States and Georgia and noted that these relations are now more prominent than ever.

“During 30 years we have reached a benchmark where Georgia has become an exemplary partner for the United States in many ways.

The United States now see the greater importance that Georgia has in the region. The Increase of the annual funding from $ 86 million to $ 135 million by the United States confirms that the financial support is transformed to the right direction, be it democratic, economic or military cooperation,” – the Ambassador noted.

The co-moderator of the online discussion, Professor Khatuna Burkadze, focused on the importance and prospects of concluding a free trade agreement with the United States. She opened discussion on the change of balance of power in the region, regional security and revision of the Charter on Strategic Partnership.

During the discussion, Giorgi Tsikolia, Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the Embassy of Georgia to the United States, reviewed the important results achieved in recent years.

“Strong political support from Congress is our chance to take our place in the direction of free trade and move to a new stage of negotiations. “Our goal is to transform our strategic partnership into a strategic alliance and use all the opportunities we have,” said Giorgi Tsikolia.

Ambassador Bakradze summarized the 4-year dynamics of cooperation with the strategic partner and highlighted the most important events, including the passage on the occupation of Georgian territories added for the first time at the legislative level to the U.S. spending bill - Consolidated Appropriations Act in 2017, pursue a policy of non-recognition through the imposition of sanctions, conclusion of a memorandum on defense and security, large investments, as well as visits of high-ranking officials and their important messages of support.

The Ambassador noted that a new team at the White House is well familiar with the region and Georgia, and this only provides a sound grounds for optimism regarding coperation with the new administration.

"To ensure Georgia's democratic development, security and economic prosperity the US support has always been and remains the priority for Georgia," Ambassador Bakradze said.

Summing up the results of the discussion, the Geocase Chairman, Victor Kipiani once again dwelled on the positive dynamics of strategic relations between the two countries and the strategic interests of the US in the successful development of state building in Georgia. He also highlighted the work of the US Ambassador Kelly Degnan and her role in deepening ties between the two countries, as well as the work and efforts of the Georgian diplomatic mission in the United States to achieve the results that distinguish the partnership between the two countries today.


Information about the online discussion disseminated by the embassy of Georgia to the United States is found here.

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