Presentation of Geocase policy document held in Exhibition Hall of National Library of Parliament

On April 2, 2021, the four-section package of recommendations, “Health, Economy, Education, National Defense and Security”, was presented in the Exhibition Hall of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia by members of the thinktank, Geocase.
The development of this package of recommendations was created as a response to conditions created by the pandemic. The authors of the document studied the current situation in the fields of health, economy, education, national defense and security against the background of the challenges posed by the pandemic, and developed relevant proposals and recommendations.
The aim was to offer the Parliament and Government of Georgia qualitatively new approaches to the further development of the country in relation to changes to be implemented in all four key areas. 
The health safety section of the document reviews issues related to the readiness of the Georgian healthcare system, strengthening stability, legislative regulation during the pandemic, availability of pharmaceuticals, e-healthcare, telemedicine, and future challenges of pandemic management.
The economic security section of the package of recommendations addresses the issues of strengthening the financial sector, attracting foreign direct investments, promoting research and development, and energy security of Georgia. The economic security section was prepared in cooperation with the Tbilisi State University Center for Analysis and Forecasting.
The education section of the package analyzes the pandemic and possible post-pandemic trends in distance learning. In particular, it reviews international practices, the Georgian experience and ways to overcome challenges in this direction. This chapter also deals with the protection of personal data in distance learning.
The national defense and security section of the package offers recommendations on the further steps of the development of the Georgian defense system and adoption of the national strategy on countering hybrid threats.
The co-authors of the Geocase recommendation package are: Viktor Kipiani, Zviad Kirtava, Khatuna Burkadze, Vakhtang Charaia, Shota Gulbani, Otar Anguridze, Levan Kokaia, Bakar Palavandishvili, Giorgi Antadze, and Bacho Tortladze.
Representatives of the legislative and executive authorities were present at the presentation of the package of recommendations.