Second module of student program organized by Geocase, "Foreign Policy and Security", has been completed

“The EU and Georgia”, the second module of the student program organized by Geocase, “Foreign Policy and Security”, was led by Lika Chipashvili, a former Geocase researcher and current employee of the Department of European Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Within the four-part module, which was conducted in an interactive mode, the history of the establishment and development of the European Union and the current priorities and challenges of the European project were reviewed. Special attention was paid to the issues of the EU Neighborhood and Enlargement Policy, the Eastern Partnership project, and Georgia-EU bilateral relations. 

In the concluding part of the module, in cooperation with the Diplomatic Institute, David Bujiashvili, Director of the EU Assistance Coordination and Sectoral Integration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, held an online meeting with the young people participating in the program.

Bujiashvili spoke about Georgia-EU relations since the restoration of the independence of Georgia till present days. He focused on the concrete tangible results and prospects of the Association Agreement and its Chapter 4 – “Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Component”. Bujiashvili also reviewed EU assistance programs and projects and answered questions from the students about the prospects of applying for EU membership in 2024.

Undergraduate and graduate students from six different universities in Georgia participated in the Geocase student program, “Foreign Policy and Security”.