Victor Kipiani spoke at the online discussion entitled 'Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic path – 30 years since restoration of independence'

The Geocase chairman Victor Kipiani was invited to speak at the online discussion entitled ‘Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic path – 30 years since restoration of independence’ organized by the Mission of Georgia to NATO.

The Head of the Mission Ambassador Victor Dolidze opened the discussions with the welcome speech and addressed the audience. Among the speakers were H.E. Ambassador Kyllike Sillaste-Elling, Permanent Representative of the Delegation of Estonia to NATO; Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre (EPC); Victor Kipiani, Chairman of Geocase; Tamara Tsuleiskiri, Director of the Information Centre on NATO and EU in Georgia. 

The event was moderated by Tornike Parulava, Director of the NATO integration department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

During the webinar, the speakers discussed the upcoming NATO summit on June 14, the Alliance's “open door” policy, Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration process and the role of the civil society in it, progress achieved and prospects of EU/NATO membership, as well as strategic communication, and social resilience against disinformation.

In his speech Victor Kipiani stressed the significance of not only NATO’s military aspects and security but its principles and the way of life for those nations who are committed to following the good practices of ethics and norms of international law.

According to him, in these difficult times, challenges should not be left to state institutions only as “inclusivity of all stakeholders, including active engagement by the civil sector” is equally important. 

“We, at Geocase, are contributing to the process with our share of responsibility and signature of doing things. Practically speaking, as the Georgian think tank in all possible respect, we are actively participating both with providing with an insight on Georgia-Euro Atlantic integration process but striving to exercise a very real and tangible impact on the policy and decision-making on Tbilisi end. Various analysis, online discussions, recommending to state actors on required course of actions, training courses – to name but few – each taken separately and, in their entirety, speak for the true meaning of the public diplomacy role. It is very clear that this work is not about “thinking” only but “doing”, the later as the very organic and much needed extension of analytical and intellectual exercise. Therefore, we believe that acting as a “do tank” on top of a classic “think tank” platform adds a real sense of instrumentality to the work we do as well as to the meaning of the process, “ - Kipiani said.     

He, also, underlined the uniqueness of Georgia’s case in terms of its successful efforts to preserve the main foreign policy line despite the multiple threats and challenges due to its geopolitical location.  

“However, nothing is for granted. Sustainability of the integration process requires equal dynamics both by Tbilisi and NATO moving to each other. Undoubtedly, there is a meaningful progress in the process, however, security realities in the region are changing even more quickly – to some, unexpectedly too. Those rapid and unwelcome changes make us to note that if we all are genuinely resolute – and sure, we are – to consummate the integration in every possible meaning, a qualitatively new level of vigor, courage, speed and creativity are to be introduced: now and here.” – Victor Kipiani stated.

At the end of the webinar Ambassador Victor Dolidze summarized the discussions and expressed his belief and hope for the actual support of Georgia’s strategic partners during the next NATO Summit in Brussels. 


Watch Victor Kipiani's speech at the online discussion ‘Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic path – 30 years since restoration of independence’ organized by the Mission of Georgia to NATO.