Geocase has published its third annual report

In 2022 the representatives of Geocase published articles on Georgia’s domestic and foreign policies as well as on critical international topics such as Russia’s ongoing military actions against Ukraine, and the future of the international security system. 

The Chair of Geocase and researchers have made numerous appearances in both Georgian and foreign media on Georgia’s domestic and foreign policies including economic, health care system, social issues, and global, regional threats, challenges. 

Geocase regularly holds discussions on political issues and Georgia’s regional, international role with Georgian and foreign experts. The representatives of Geocase also participate in international discussions and conferences. They hold meetings in regions to raise awareness of critical issues of the state and contribute to strengthening public resilience. 

Also, Geocase implemented the “Foreign and Security Policy” training project. Within this program, the Geocase Alumni are involved in various activities. At the same time, they can publish articles on foreign and security issues. 

Geocase and the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) established the “Bipartisan Academic Platform for National Unity”. In the framework of this platform the "Declaration of National Unity" was prepared with the focus on critical topics of Georgia’s domestic and foreign policies (De-occupation, European, Euro-Atlantic integration, enhancement of democratic institutions, defense and security, economy, education, health care, and a fair policy of social protection).  The purpose of the “Bipartisan Academic Platform for National Unity” is to promote reducing polarization in society and create a multilateral cooperation space, which will be based on the common values that should initially encourage civil society and academia, as well as the broader parts of the public. The project is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia. 

Please read the third annual report of Geocase.