Geocase has held a webinar on Georgia’s European Perspective

Geocase has held a webinar on Georgia’s European Perspective. The online discussion aimed to analyze the steps of the EU enlargement process and Georgia’s historical opportunity to obtain the EU candidate status.

Dr. Khatuna Burkadze, Director of Foreign Policy Studies at Geocase spoke about the geopolitical context of European integration and the necessity of implementing 12 priorities to achieve European goals. 

Dr. Khatuna Burkadze underlined: “On February 28, 2022, Ukraine submitted its application for the EU membership, 5 days after the Russian large-scale military, aggressive actions against Ukraine. On March 3, 2022, Georgia and Moldova presented the applications for the EU membership. The European Council recognized Georgia’s European Perspective.  By continuing respective legislative and institutional reforms, implementing the 12 priorities, and demonstrating unity, we will be able to obtain the EU candidate status. For the European future of the country,  all parties involved in political processes must analyze their share of responsibility and engage in the process of European integration of Georgia, which will create more opportunities for more approximation with European standards. This is our civilizational choice, supported by the population of Georgia and upheld by the Constitution of Georgia, and represents the historical choice of our ancestors”.

Mr. Zurab Khamashuridze, Director of the Department for European Integration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia paid special attention to the importance of the European perspective. He mentioned that recognizing Georgia’s European perspective means that Georgia’s future is in the European Union.

“As for the candidate status, obtaining the EU candidate status will give Georgia more opportunities to accelerate the integration process. It will be a significant political decision for Georgia’s European aspirations,” – added Mr. Zurab Khamashuridze.  At the same time, he talked about MFA’s efforts to communicate with both external and internal audiences on Georgia’s European integration.