International Relations

Impact of COVID- 19 Crisis on Central Asian Countries with Some Developments in Post Pandemic Phase (major trends and observations)
Author: 8 Oct 2021
The epidemic wave of Covid-19 has drastically changed our political, economic, cultural life, as well as the ordinary life of human beings, putting all in one restricted and extra regulated environment… Naturally it has covered the life of many nations of the world, for...
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The Caliber.Az interview with Emil Avdaliani, Director of Middle East Studies at Geocase
Author: 7 Oct 2021
The interview is available in Russian. Please download the PDF
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Erdogan the Likely Winner as Post-War Armenia Rethinks
Author: 3 Oct 2021
Turkey’s foray into the South Caucasus seems to be paying off, as the country nibbles away at Russia’s long-held hegemony in the region. It is only a year since Turkey demonstrated its new power in the South Caucasus, providing significant military and other help t...
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Polish Democracy in Danger: When The Unlawful Dictate The Law
Author: 28 Sept 2021
On 22 October 2020, the Constitutional Tribunal of the Republic of Poland ruled that abortions in the case of malformation of the fetus are unconstitutional, the decisions that sparked the largest protests Poland has seen since the fall of communism. Hundreds of thousan...
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The Rise of the Indo-Pacific
Author: 15 Sept 2021
The world is witnessing the rise of a new geopolitical concept: the Indo-Pacific. The shift of American attention toward the Indo-Pacific could create more room for maneuver for China, Russia, and Iran in their respective neighborhoods over the long term.   The worl...
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Prospects of Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement
Author: 9 Sept 2021
Potential Armenia-Turkey rapprochement could have a major influence on South Caucasus geopolitics. The opening of the border would allow Turkey to have a better connection with Azerbaijan beyond the link it already has with the Nakhchivan exclave. Moscow will not be ent...
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Iran Plays Eurasianist Card
Author: 7 Sept 2021
China and Iran signed an expansive deal in Tehran on March 27 this year. Neither Iranian nor Chinese leadership revealed the details of the agreement, but analysts suggest that it was largely along the lines of a leaked 18-page draft published last year by The New York...
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Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – The regional approach will promote to achieve European aspirations of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine
26 July 2021
“Within Batumi international conference the Associated Trio signed the Petra Declaration. This regional approach will facilitate to achieve European aspirations of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and create new opportunities for their European future”, - underlined Dr. Kha...
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Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – The implementation of the April 19th Agreement will assist Georgia to achieve its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations
Author: 16 July 2021
Interpressnews discussed the results of NATO Brussels Summit Communiqué with Prof. Dr. Khatuna Burkadze, Director of American and Euro-Atlantic Studies at Geocase, an alumna of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and the Harvard Program on Negot...
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