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Constructing the Middle Corridor: the Case of Georgia and Kazakhstan
Author: 29 July 2022
Georgia and Kazakhstan are two critical countries along the Middle Corridor. Each has long argued for the expansion of the route. The geopolitical situation, however, was not propitious until the war in Ukraine upended the very fabric of Eurasian connectivity. The chall...
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Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – NATO will enhance its support to partners affected by Russian threats including Georgia to strengthen their defense capabilities
Author: 13 July 2022
The Interpressnews interview on the NATO Summit in Madrid with Prof. Dr. Khatuna Burkadze, Director of American and Euro-Atlantic Studies at Geocase, an alumna of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and the Harvard Program on Negotiations.  ...
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Russia’s War Creates Opportunities for China in Central Asia
Author: 5 July 2022
As the war in Ukraine continues, China sees greater economic and political openings in Central Asia, the region extremely wary of Russian military ambitions.   Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reverberated far and deep across the Eurasian continent. One region which esp...
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Small State in the Context of “New Order:” Georgia
Author: 25 June 2022
Briefly about the created environment which is rather controversial and nonstandard. Several large-scale challenges of late, the pandemic, the war, the climate, have put an already enfeebled global system of legal and economic relations to a serious test, requiring the...
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Wildlife Trafficking: Why We Should Care
Author: 16 May 2022
As global demand for the meat grows rapidly with an increasing population, overhunting becomes an issue of high importance, threatening biodiversity and food security around the world. Extinction and endangering of species, disrupting migration and hibernation, affectin...
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Revolution in the South Caucasus
Author: 3 May 2022
While the Kremlin is busy in the west, developments to the south promise further threats to its aggressive policy in the borderlands. Overshadowed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the South Caucasus is witnessing huge developments which could potentially decrease t...
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For Abkhazia and South Ossetia Security with Russia Equals Economic Troubles
Author: 29 Apr 2022
Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine expands Moscow’s “separatist empire.” But it also puts tremendous pressure on Georgia’s occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Prospects of economic development are bleak, while dependence on Moscow will only grow bringin...
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Essence of Economic Sanction: a Few Opinions Against the Backdrop of the War
Author: 26 Apr 2022
Not only with “word”    The ongoing war in Ukraine has firmly introduced a few words in our vernacular. One of them is “sanction.” In response to Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, renewed on 24 February, several waves of sanctions imposed by the collective...
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The Black Sea Factor: from Words to Deeds – Like Never Before
Author: 14 Apr 2022
The Black Sea factor has become a typical topic in talks about the geopolitics and security of our region in the past few years, which is perfectly understandable, needing no additional explanation as to why.   However, while the standard is to speak about the impor...
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