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Butterfly Effect: What if the tension between Taiwan and China turned into a War
Author: 30 Aug 2023
China has become one of the most influential countries past decades. Its fast-growing economy, strong military capacity, and well-adjusted geopolitical policy have turned China into a global player, even though communists run the country. On the other hand, Taiwan has b...
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Don’t You Love Me? Cracks in the Iran-Russia Romance
Author: 22 July 2023
Since the full-scale war in Ukraine began, Russia and Iran have advanced their ties in the military, economic, and intelligence spheres. The established narrative has been that the two are now nearing the creation of a de facto alliance.     Animated by opposition t...
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From Helsinki to Vilnius: what should New Europe expect from the West
Author: 18 July 2023
  Amb. Tedo Japaridze   “We are very pleased to present an interview by Ambassador Tedo Japaridze, the advisor at Geocase, with Ambassador Kornblum, an eminent expert on U.S.-European political and economic relations, in particular in Central and Eastern Eu...
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Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – Georgia needs a roadmap to NATO membership without MAP
Author: 13 July 2023
- Lithuania hosted a NATO Summit in Vilnius on 11-12 July 2023. According to the Vilnius Summit Communique, “Ukraine’s future is in NATO”.   How do you evaluate the NATO Vilnius Summit for Ukraine?   - The Vilnius Summit demonstrated that the security of Ukraine...
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The the Role of EU Common Security and Defense Policy in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine War
Author: 12 July 2023
An analytical paper by Revaz Chkheidze, Geocase's advisor on Foreign Policy, was published by UG Security Platform (UGSP). The full version of the paper is found here 
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Georgian Democracy is Missing a Trick
Author: 11 July 2023
Georgia is at the crossroads, once again, struggling between what it aspires to be and what it needs to survive. The war in Ukraine has been good for the economy, which has seen double-digit growth. But there are eyebrows raised among our allies. In these circumstances,...
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Transitioning to Sustainability: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing a Circular Economy in Developing Countries
Author: 29 June 2023
TIJER - International Research Journal has published the article - Transitioning to Sustainability: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing a Circular Economy in Developing Countries - authored by Guram Bakashvili, a research fellow on economics at ge...
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War in Ukraine and new geopolitical reality: View from Tbilisi
Author: 31 May 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned the global security environment upside down and made all countries think about the effectiveness of the existing security architecture. It is clear, that the process of revising the international order has already begun, and it is...
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The Black Sea Region and Global Competition in the Midst of the Russo-Ukrainian War
Author: 29 May 2023
The Black Sea region is an area of geopolitical importance, connecting Europe and Asia and providing access to the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a major transit route for energy supplies, including oil and gas pipelines that connect Europe to Central Asia. Given it...
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